Plumber in Hills District

Looking for a plumber you can trust in Sydney’s Hills District? Based in Kings Langley, McMurray Plumbing pride ourselves on fast friendly service, great rates and fine attention to detail in all the plumbing services we provide.

With nearly 15 years full-time experience in the plumbing industry, we are qualified to give you top-level service and advice on absolutely any jobs plumbing related.

Our Hills District Plumbing Services

Emergency Plumber: Emergency call out 24×7. We always respond to any Hills District plumbing emergencies. Most commonly people will use our emergency call out service for blocked drains, severe leaks, gas leaks, blocked pipes and burst pipes.

Hydro Jet Blasting: Blocked drains and pipes can be a stubborn problem and in many cases can only be cleared using a high-pressure Water Jetter. Our mobile Hydro Jetter can be at your place and have your drains unblocked in minutes.

Gas Fitting: We are fully gas certified for maintenance and installation of gas Cook top, gas heater, gas stove, gas fireplace, Gas hot water heater and LPG gas bottle installations. Leave it to us to hook up your gas.

Hot Water Plumber: Need your gas or electric hot water service (HWS) hooked up? We can handle all the hot water plumbing, gas fitting and electrical requirements.

Burst Pipes: Can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Water damage from a burst pipe can cause irreversible damage to your property in a very short space of time. We are on call 24 x 7 to handle these issues


Why Use McMurray Plumbing?

  • Realistic and fair pricing
  • Reliable and fast response times. We won’t keep you waiting
  • Quality guarantee on all our plumbing work
  • We respect your property. We won’t make a mess, but if we need to make a mess we will leave it cleaner than when we arrived.
  • Honest, Trustworthy and attention to detail in everything we do.


Hills District Plumbing Problems we Solve:

Blocked Pipes
Sewer choke, blocked sewer, pipe location, pipe locator, trace pipes, blocked drain, blocked waste , clogged drain, Clogged toilet, Clogged waste, gurgling drain /toilet/waste , smelly drain, smelly toilet, smelly waste, backing up drain, backed up toilet, backed up waste.

Gas Plumbing
hook up gas, gas plumber, gas certified, LPG gas/ bottles, gas heater /room heater, gas cooktop /stove/fireplace, gas hot water, rinnai, Rheem, instantaneous, hws, tempering valve, thermostatic mixing valve , install gas/ LPG bottles / cooktop/ bayonet point /fitting

Water Plumber
leaking tap, Leaking toilet, Leaking shower, Leaking shower head /bathroom/vanity /basin /sink/bath /dripping (above words), loose (above words), install, waterhammer /shuddering banging, noisy pipes, rattling, slapping, moisture, dampness /damp, broken (above words), cracked

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How-to do Plumbing in my ICF Walls

A frequently asked question I get is, “How do I do my plumbing in my Advantage ICF walls?”

The Advantage ICF system is typically used for construction of exterior walls of a building. Plumbing is rarely placed in exterior walls. However in the event that there is plumbing required to be in your exterior wall or Advantage ICF is used as a party wall or interior wall here is what you can do.

Since the EPS foam on the inside of the wall is 2-5/8” thick you can cut the foam back to the concrete using a electric chainsaw, hot knife or router. This will allow you to easily hide a 2-1/2” pipe in the wall and still run the drywall flush over it. You may want to fill in around the pipe with a low expansion foam. I would also recommend covering or protecting the pipe with metal strips or sheets to protect it from fastener penetration.

In the event that the pipe you are required to use is larger that 2-1/2” you will have to frame around the pipe with lumber. This is still easily done. Obviously it is easiest if you can avoid putting any plumbing in an ICF wall during the design stage.

Note: All plumbing work is to be done by a licensed plumber.

Following these simple steps will allow plumbing work to be done in your Advantage ICF walls easier than ever.

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